This summer Pop Up Addis was featured in a short interview held between Sarah Wessler of Sattelite Magazine and Zach Abubeker. It comprises the popup show, and the general art practices happening in Addis Ababa.

Earlier this summer Karen Obling did a short interview about the show and posted on her blog

Artist Profile : Yoseph Ammanuel

© Yoseph Ammanuel, 2013

Artist Profile : Yordanos Berhe

My work explores the people and places that I encounter daily. I use the camera to show my environment from a personal perspective and explore the light effects, colors and scale shifts that occur naturally, but are enhanced or changed by the camera’s lens. My heritage and family are an important part of my life in Chicago, I immigrated to the United States in 2007. I work hard to go to school and make myself a new future, but I feel that it is important to remember where I come from and how I got here. I was born in Eritrea Tokombiya, and grew up in Ethiopia Tigray. Even though Eritrea and Ethiopia see each other as different countries and different people, for me we are all the same. I call myself Habesha which means Eritrean and Ethiopian. I love my country, Eritrea and Ethiopia.


© Yordanos Berhe, 2013

Artist Profile : Yonas Hailu

For me Art is a sheared Living experience by the Artist’s way of seeing things with the “artiste’s eye” every artists has it’s story to make each has it’s own point of view to make and each has its own style to show something significant to the society. That’s why art has the ability to express such a spiritual quality of a society like religion ,culture way of life etc.. moreover it can even depict passionate personal feelings like love, anger ,happiness ,grave hope hopelessness etc… that we all sheared when we live To in this world “Human society continuously develops through constant interaction and communication among its members (people). Indeed, humans have different ways, means, media, and form through which they can express themselves and extend their message to other people in the society. Art is an example of this medium of communication, which “involves skill and creative imagination in a musical, literary, visual, or performance context”. It is more than a medium of communication, since it goes beyond the traditional forms of verbal communication it is also one way of “seeing” and interpreting the social reality of the creator or artist, where people can get a glimpse of what and how the artist depicts his/her reality (relationship between the self and society).”

© Yonas Hailu, 2013


Artist Profile : Wanja Kimani

Self Portrait (2013)



The piece is an exploration of the myths that are perpetuated by various mediums including the media, tradition and culture. If something is said enough times, we may begin to believe it. Children often believe in fairy tales in a similar way to how we are at times led by the media, tradition and culture in later years.


Self Portrait is presented as a form of fairy tale that follows the simplistic story of a young girl who has migrated and her process of assimilating into the new environment and new found beliefs. Children are better at adapting to new places, often adjusting quicker and accepting new customs easier than adults. They are yet to discover the burden that memory of the previous place can sometimes bring. They are yet to learn and understand the phrases ‘it was’, ‘I was’, ‘I did’, I loved’.

© Wanja Kimani, 2013




METAL MACHINE MERKATO • Jacob Kirkegaard in Addis 


© Vincent Moon, 2013

Artist Profile : Solomon Tsegaye

The title of the work is ‘Flying Angel’,it is a mixed media sculpture portraying a female figure which symbolizes Ethiopia( I used  the colors of the national flag.) As you see the figure, it looks vibrating and moving but it also seems firmly rooted to the pedestal and couldn’t move at all,this is what I feel about where i am in,a paradox of dynamic and static,but regardless of this it shows the effort Ethiopia is undertaking for its Renaissance.

Artist Profile : Shlomo Godder


Lottery Boy


This photograph is of Eshitu who is a lead of a film I just shot. He is a lottery boy from Gojjam. The photo was taken in Mesalemia, where he works.


© Shlomo Godder, 2013

Artist Profile : Sarah Noa Bozenhardt


Still from Affectionate Care


See the full film here:

Affectionate Care

Tselote, an Ethiopian woman in her thirties, lives abroad, far from home. She has adapted to this new and foreign environment and finds herself in a comfortable home. However, a cat and plants are her only companions in this space. Photographs speak of the family far away.

Tselote struggles with her maternal wish to carry a child and with the pressure that is sent along from the Horn of Africa, two variables that seem to go hand in hand. This short film captures an intimate portrait of Tselote’s every day, but it speaks of the struggles that can arise living abroad: Cultural pressure and personal pain are captured in a calm and nurturing environment.


© Sarah Noa Bozenhardt, 2013